Clean & Natural Salt Water Pool Systems in Sarasota, FL

Enjoy a refreshing swim without the harmful effects of chemicals when you speak with us about your salt water pool systems in Sarasota, FL. Scott Drage, Inc. features a wide variety of options for customers who operate this natural pool systems at their home. With our salt water pool maintenance and testing services, you will keep your swimming environment safe for all ages.

Choosing Salt Water Pool Systems

For many homeowners, a salt water pool is the perfect addition. This popular pool style allows for softer water, no chlorine, and less maintenance over time. We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding options for your salt water pool systems.

Extending the Life of Your Pool

While salt water pool systems do not require a heavy amount of care, it is still vital that regular maintenance be performed to keep your setup safe and functional. Water testing and other service is necessary in order to ensure that the amount of salt is at a safe level. Failing to perform this maintenance can lead to an unsafe pH level for your loved ones.


Maintain your salt water pool setup. Call today to learn how our services can help you control your swimming environment.